NAME Region E-1

This is the home of the Region E-1 membership


Region E-1 is comprised of the states of Maryland, Virginia, eastern West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

We are one of the most active regions in all of NAME.  Because of our high concentration of members, we have many clubs.  Some of our clubs work in all scales while others focus mainly on ½” or ¼”scale. Some clubs work on one large project throughout the year, some clubs do a small project each month, and some clubs have “round tu-it” days where members work on an unfinished project of their own choosing. 

We also have special events such as State Days.  State Days are events that usually last 1-2 days during which attendees all work on and complete the same project.  Many state days have a number of dealers/vendors in attendance so that you can also do some shopping for your project.

Region E-1 members are active with Girl Scouts and youth activities, sponsor public exhibits of their miniatures, and share their hobby with others in many ways.

If you are interested in learning more about our hobby and our organization,

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